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Share some McAfee Product Specialist MA0-103 exam questions and answers below.
What is the hierarchy used to resolve potential conflicts between application strategies? 
A. Archiver> Trusted> Editor> Explorer (Explorer has the lowest ranking) 
B. Archiver> Trusted> Explorer> Editor (Editor has the lowest ranking) 
C. Archiver> Explorer> Editor> Trusted (Trusted has the lowest ranking) 
D. Archiver> Editor> Explorer> Trusted "Trusted has the lowest ranking) 
Answer: B

Which of the following proactively helps prevent data loss? Removable Storage Devices with a file system, when connected to a computer 
A. notify the user of potential data loss. 
B. send an email to the user's manager. 
C. generate an incident that is reported to the security team. 
D. are blocked. 
Answer: D

Before upgrading to a newer version, which of the following steps should be followed? 
A. Back up the ePO policy catalog for OLP 
B. Un install management extensions 
C. Un install current DLPe client 
D. Disable unused modules 
Answer: A

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